• Testimonials

  • Wow Anthea you are a real gem. I came in feeling very low without hardly any eyebrows, and had such an amazing relaxing non pain free treatment, walked out feeling a million dollars. I cannot thank you enough, you truly worked your magic spell. I for one will definitely be raising my glass to you tonight. Cheers xxx


  • I was very reluctant to have my eyebrows tattooed as I have a deep fear of pain! I had virtually no eyebrows left after shaving them off in my early teens. Anthea has manicured my nails for a number of years and I always trusted her with not just my nails but her cleanliness in her salon. My trust in her was well founded as my eyebrows not only look fantastic but it was virtually pain free.


  • Anthea offers a first class service. Not only is she experienced and professional, but she has such a caring and friendly personality you immediately feel at ease. I have total trust and confidence in her and wouldn't go anywhere else for my treatment.


  • Anthea Chillingworth, is an amazing artist, who over the years has given me confidence to move through life. Her bedside manner is second to none, I wouldn't trust another soul with those instruments so close to my face. Xx


  • Love my LVL lashes . As a fellow therapist would only go to Anthea Chillingworth , trust her 100% near my eyes . X


  • Never had eyebrows till you they are wonderful like u Can't live without them or my LVL Thanks Anthea x


  • If you have hardly any eyebrows like me, this is a life changing procedure. No more drawn on eyebrows that slide off in the heat, just perfect brows every day!! Thanks to you Anthea!!!